Vintage Find

Was browsing through my favourite websites and came across,  Sheelins Vintage shop, on DoneDeal, OMG, I am so going there, its in Enniskillen
Co. Fermanagh.

Lots and lots of Lace and pretty vintage goods.

The shop is dripping down with beautiful vintage clothing.

I will be like a kid in a candy store.

Seriously, it will be a dog day afternoon, Shannon my big bear of a dog has to go to the vet, (Shannon, male, I know he came with that name, rescue dog).

He cut his paw last nite on, something, he’s limping and crying since last nite, worst than a child, I swear. So he is going to the vet, the only thing is, he won’t get into the car, will be a nightmare but he has to go, wish me luck.

My Big Bear, Shannon,who could cry for Ireland.

As soon as Christmas is over, I feel myself pushing  towards spring, cannot wait for the bright evenings. Christmas this year was a mess and that’s putting it nicely, I was snowed in, no water for TWO WEEKS, had the flu and my family were all very sick Christmas day.

The only ones that enjoyed the snow in my house were the dogs.

So Roll on Spring, roll on the flowers, roll on the sun, roll on bright evenings.

Painted white furniture and wood mixed together brightens up this small room. The yummy soft pink colour on the walls adds a fresh feeling and the flowers bring it all together. Dulux, paint colour, Rice Flower is one of my favourite pinks for a bedroom.

Yellow is all about spring, bring the outside into your home, you walls will come to life with charming bird wallpaper.

Soft and enchanting  floral and bird wallpaper from Laura Ashley.

A simple floral roman blind, adds a breath of fresh air to this kitchen.

Floral fabric from Ikea, perfect for roman blinds.

COME ON SPRING, hurry up, all ready for you.

Just A Quick Chat

Check out Garrendenny Lane for their beautiful collection of Christmas decorations and gifts.

And while your there browsing, take a look at the inspirational designed prints from Jane Steger-Lewis from Mayo, Ireland.

Visiting Nana

My nana has been in hospital for the last, huh, I think its like 2mths now, wow long time. Visit her a lot, so have gotten to know a few of the elderly ladies in the ward, so when I go up to the hospital I end up staying for 2-3hrs, seriously.

So last nite I went up to visit and Bert from the ward next door, who insists on wearing the same jumper everyday, walks into the ladies ward and hops into one of the beds. He started shouting “I’m stayin here”, I roared laughing, every time the nurse asked him to get out of the bed he shouted “fuck off, I’m stayin here” he wouldn’t move. Then Kathleen beside him, who had been shouting for her cat earlier, joined in with Bert, I swear, I was doubled over from laughing.

I actually really enjoy visiting  them all, some really sad stories, I have adopted Kathleen & Nan as my Grans too, as none of their family visit. So, bringing them both up some woolly socks today. Kathleen walks around with the key of her house around her neck on a string, she told me all her family wants is her house and she’s keeping it safe. Nan’s family sold her house and they all moved abroad, she was a seamstress and sits for hrs, moving her fingers imagining she is sewing, she is 95. They are very well looked after by the nurses, they are so kind to them, we sometimes even have a sing-song at nite, Kathleen loves to sing.

Trick ‘r Trend


Em I’ll have the Treat, thanks, stupid question really. My favourite time of the year, Halloween, such a big kid, I love everything about it. It’s really the one time I can act my age (in my head) and get up to no good, my niece asked me the other day, what is Halloween? Huh. How do you explain to a seven-year old without scaring the beep out of her. So for my Halloween night I will be hosting a scary party in my moms for niece and all the little monsters, Yep I will be dressing up too.

Some Halloween treats.

Nope it’s not painted, I thought that too, you can actually buy seeds for white pumpkins at Amazon.com.

Now these pumpkins are painted, brilliant in different shades of gold, it probably takes the same time to paint one as to carve one, Country Living.

Now that’s the perfect way to use a pumpkin, great idea.

Pumpkin party with the mice.

My mum and Dad dressing up for Halloween, pictures from Martha Stewart.

Happy Halloween to you all, have a very scary night.

Favourite Hobby???? Well, mine is browsing through the internet, checking out all the goodies for my house, Em reminder to oneself  (must get extension built onto house for all the goodies).

Here’s the result from my hobby.

Ferm living Feather Wallpaper €29.95 a roll, from Mabel & Violet .

I  would love to put this vibrant wallpaper in a small area, would really liven it up, take a look at the picture below.

Great and  cosy idea.

The same wallpaper in a larger room, very chic.

Can see myself lying on the sofa wrapped in this Irish Cashmere & Merino Throw, €99.95, Maple & Violet.

Very cheap cotton Fabric from Ikea (Berta Rand) £5.99 a metre, would be lovely for roman blinds.

Girlie girl, My niece would love this, butterfly’s and dreams, kids’ reversible butterfly duvet cover from LittleWoods €12.00.

Love this idea, great pressie, Scarf on a spool, from Avoca,  €39.95, Ireland

Even Millie has one.

What a find, Solid Mahogany Sideboard €210 Buy & Sell, Ireland.

Ok that’s enough browsing (dreaming) for today, have to take Roxy (dog) to vet. Dear Roxy is on a diet, when I came back from shopping the contents of the kitchen bin was all over the kitchen floor. In the bin there WAS a chicken carcass (the one time I didn’t make soup with it) hungry dog ate the whole flippin thing, so off to the vets with dog full of chicken bones.

Ok, so as you get older and you’re in a relationship for a long time, people keep asking you “So any sign of getting engaged” then when you do finally get engaged they ask “So did you get the ring yet” then when you get the ring it’s “So when’s the big day”. There is only so much pressure a woman can take, I have been engaged for two years now and I am so laid back about getting married, am I the only one? because it feels like it.

I have been waiting for inspiration for that day when I do get married and finally it came to me.

Once Wed is an absolutely fabulous website showing happy couples getting married on a budget, I want Bryce and Stephanie’s wedding, check it out.

Photography by Amy Carroll, Amy is a true genius when it comes to capturing unique moments.

The simple wedding invitations, isn’t Stephanie’s dress beautiful?

The wedding is so real, nothing fancy just simple and elegant.

The reception tables, no fuss just pure.

A touch of vintage is added to the main wedding table.

I love, love, love Stephanie’s wedding dress.

A homemade cushion with the wedding rings.

A selection of pies for the hungry guests.

Everything is so simple, lovely cupcakes

The guests even get homemade jam.

There is nothing fancy about this wedding yet it is so beautiful the way they have kept everything so simple, check out the site for more inspirations for getting married, Once Wed.

Lovely Lorna from Garrendenny Lane is working hard on updating the website for their onlne shop and has asked YOU to help them out.

Garrendenny lane online shop is full of beautiful housewares and gifts, take and look and take the survey, it’s a great way to get involved and have your say about this online shop.

Here’s a peak of the many treats from GarrendennyLane.

Only new in and exclusively available at Garrendenny Lane, Pet Sounds Wallpaper By Mini Moderns, Wallpapers.

Available in a variety of colours.

Rich and colourful, Bird of Paradise Cushions & Throw.

Bright and dreamy, Sanssouci bedlinen by Designers Guild.

Unique, Time Square – Black & Blum Clock.

Romantic and beautiful French Lantern, lots of gifts for all occasions.

Elegant Rachel Allen Napkins, a variety of kitchen Products.

Check out the online fabric shop, large variety of designer fabrics such as Sanderson, Swaffer, Designers Guild, Jab & Chivasso Fabrics and many more.

Garrendenny Lane furniture You can order Designers Guild furniture or they have a good relationship with a fabulous sofa maker and upholster.

This is an oline shop that is well worth a visit and Lorna has a habit of giving away free stuff  on a friday, freebie friday, what more could you ask for?

 “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside”

There is something magical about interiors that are inspired by the seaside, its like bringing the outside in, nature and all that jazz.

Simple and chic, love the white panelling on the walls James Solomon Photographer.

James Radin is the personal designer to film maker Nancy Meyers, the King of seaside interiors, remember the films “Somethings Gotta Give” and “The Holiday” check out my post on Movies Interiors.

Ralph Lauren the Daddy of the blue and white stripe, check out his new collection La Plage which in his own words  “Captures the tranquil elegance of the seaside with an artful mix of chic and rustic elements and endless nautical shades of blue and white”. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The Blue and white stripe is very popular when trying create this theme, picture from Elle Decor.

Blue is the perfect colour for the bedroom, a lot of people think it’s a cold colour, its like every colour, its how you use it and the shade of blue. Check out my post on Happy Spring Time for ideas, for inviting this lovely colour into your home.

Scrub that deck, bring elements from the ocean, such as this remarkable ship into your home, it can bring a calming effect into your house, Mark Darley Photography.

Nothing like the real thing, isn’t this so clever, boat table.

Just because you don’t live by the sea, doesnt me you can’t bring the sea to you.

Don’t yeah just love the seaside? Aaaahhhh.