Hello there, yes I am back but it’s not just me whose back, yep the frigging mice are too and they are camping out in my bloody wardrobe.

I am convinced that every year there is a meeting going on in my hay shed with all the mice, saying ” jaysus its a bit cold out ere sure why no go into the house, get lots of food and drive your one mad”.

I am using humane traps to catch them, which was a great idea at the time but when the mouse goes into the trap it wakes me up rattling round the kitchen. So I have to get up out of bed and set mouse free, as soon as I am settled back in bed the trap goes off again,  I bet its the SAME BLOODY MOUSE.

I think it is Mr Speedy Gonzales



I was browsing through the internet, checking out holiday homes to rent just out of curiosity more so and OH my, just came across this  “Fandabidozi” holiday home. Check this out, if I stayed here for a week, I would never leave.

Welcome to Tupper Lake vacation Lodge, rustic all the way.

Tupper Lake is a town in the southwest corner of Franklin County, New York, USA.

Just look at the glorious high ceilings, the whole house just embraces its beautiful surroundings of nature and brings it all into each room.

Perfect holiday home for any type of weather, would love to stay here in the winter and oh don’t forget the  snow outside.

Plenty of room in the kitchen area, if you do feel like cooking, yes even on your hols.

White panelling used throughout the kitchen area, rustic country.

I am not a big lover of four-poster beds, but I do really like this one, its like, your part of nature even when your sleeping.

Talk about getting cosy, Genius, great idea, you will be snug as a bug in one of these beds.

Would so love to stay in this house, must check my Lotto numbers.


And this is my holiday home, huh?

Ha, ha, it’s an old saying “Shine On Me Seamus” between me and my friends, you see, Seamus=The Sun. On our girlie hols, we would be lying back at the pool, shouting “Shine on me Seamus”, how sad were we? great memories though.

So the sun is out, its rare here in Ireland, believe me, as soon as People see the sun, its shorts, T-shirts, flowery dresses, even though it’s still cold, God love us.

Took himself for a walk, the dog that is, glorious day out, puts a smile on your face.

Now if I could only catch him, to put his lead back on, lot of running involved.

He’s very bold, speaking of bold, its time for those bold colours to come back out, Seamus is back.

Ahhh, a breath of fresh air, bright and breezy, colours.

Very bold and beautiful, mix and don’t match colours, be adventurous with colours, check out my blogs post on colours.

Well, enjoy the Irish sun shine while it lasts, its been 2 days now, so it’s a miracle.

Yep, no place like home, no matter where it is or in this case, how small.

Is your man any good at DIY around the house?

Yep mines the same, ha, ha, ha.

My flowers and I have been having an affair for years now, my partner is starting to feel left out because it was Valentines this week and he knows the house is full of flowers already. I love flowers, plain and simple, when I do my weekly grocery shop, I also pick up flowers, flowers in every room, I purchase flowers that last long and are not very expensive.

So I came across this perfect idea for my wild flowers, when they eventually grow.

Carlin Champagne bucket from Zara housewares. No, before you ask, I am not having a party, sure you would have been invited.

It’s to fill it up with colourful fresh wild flowers, beautiful.


OMG, (oh my God) I was browsing the internet last night and came across this.

Aaaaaahhhhhh, do you remember, BUNTYS magazine, I love, love, love, Buntys.  Oh brings back so many memories, like racing to the  shop with my sister on a Saturday Morning, the two of us would kill each other to be the first to purchase the magazine and God forbid there should only be one, Holy WAR.

We’d spend hours and hours dressing up the paper models in their stylish? outfits, it was heaven (very easily pleased as a child).

The picture above is actually from Arnotts, they have a selection of canvases printed with comic strips.

I wonder if I could get one of the Buntys Magazines on the internet? will defo check it out.

Weekend Break

Had a lovely weekend recently, stayed at Lough Rynn in Co Leitrim, with some friends.

It is a fabulous place to stay, my guy had to pull me away from taken pictures of every room in the place, so here’s a few I did get.

When you walk in through the main entrance of the hotel, you are greeted by a roaring fire in the hallway, very welcoming, (as it was bloody freezing outside).

This is part of the main room in the hotel, very luxurious, the large floor to ceiling windows are like picture frames for the stunning views outside that go on for miles.

Again this is also part of the main room, stunning large fireplace, with white arched coving surrounding it, a very comfortable room to sit for hours relaxing.

I was mesmerised by this fabulous dresser, also in the same room, the detail of the wood carvings, the picture doesn’t do it justice.

The hall area, is filled with rich wooden panelling and  pictures with gold frames.

So that’s all the pictures I was allowed to take, I even got a warning before we went, have a habit of photographing anything and I mean anything.

Look, I even took pictures of the ceiling, you see I told yeah.

My Little Guest

Woke up last night or even this morning at 4 o’clock, couldn’t sleep and it was so cold, so went into kitchen to make a cup of tea. Turned on the light and there sitting staring at me on the sink, a mouse, a tiny wee furry thing with huge ears and big button eyes. It was like something out of the Wild West, we both stood there, neither of us moving, staring each other down, oh yeah, SHOWDOWN.

I took a step forward, I thought the little bugger would move, he didn’t even flinch, talk about standing his ground. I put the kettle on, still no movement, then I thought, maybe he is dead, till he started cleaning his nose after being in my frigging cupboards. So I took my cup down made tea, yep he was still there, then the little fecker decides to shoot towards me and somersault off the sink. I got such a fright I throw cup of tea in the air, the little devil, he ran past my feet into THE BLOODY BEDROOM.

So don’t be fooled by their size.

I met my mum this morning for coffee at Strandfield House, I usually go there once a week, its one of my favourite places to visit.

Strandfield house is a florist/garden centre, it’s also a farm shop/coffee shop/furniture shop/antiques/ bits n bobs. Jesus can you blame me for loving it, Strandfield truly has it all.

Strandfield House Ballymascanlon, Dundalk, Co Louth.

The coffee shop has a colourful vintage style to it, gorgeous coffee and full of homemade goodies.

The delph is a mismatch of china cups and saucers, really beautiful, you can also purchase a variety of different sets.

The farm shop is  full of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Garden centre, has a huge variety of plants and flowers to choose from.

Strandfield House, is so full of beautiful things, its is definitely worth a visit and it is also open on Sundays.

Candle holders and second-hand bits and pieces.

I have my eye on this cream painted dresser, I just have to find room for it in my house, will squeeze it in somewhere.

Highly recommend a visit to Strandfield House, just don’t touch my dresser, you’ve been warned, he, he