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Childrens Referendum

Hi everyone

There has been a deliberate attempt to confuse voters in the hope that in tomorrow’s referendum they will vote ‘no’ out of fear.  Yes for Children, of which Campaign for Children is a part, want to set the record straight.

What this amendment IS ACTUALLY about:

  1. It’s about child protection:

1,500 confirmed cases of child abuse in 2011

For the first time, the Constitution will take a child-centred approach to child protection. It will put an onus on the State to better support families.

  1. It’s about adoption and giving children a second chance of a loving family:

Up to 2,000 children living in long-term State care would finally be eligible for adoption

This is in cases where the child cannot successfully return to their birth family.

  1. It’s about listening to children and better addressing their needs in court decisions:

65% of children are not asked their opinion in court decisions affecting them

For the first time, judges will be mandated to listen to the views of children when making their decision in court cases relating to adoption, access, custody, guardianship or child protection.


What this amendment is NOT about:

It is not about forced adoption; it is not about forced vaccinations; it is not a State-versus-family debate; and it is certainly not about the State snatching children from their loving homes.

In Ireland, over one million people are under the age of 18 years. We need to be their voice tomorrow and allow them to have a voice in our Constitution.


Vote YES tomorrow, it will make a difference.


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