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Decisions, Decisions

I recently purchased this unusual piece of furniture. I know, I know it looks like a door to somewhere but I am going to use it as a food larder, jazz it up with wallpaper background and shelving, splash of paint and cinderella it.

Only thing is I CAN’T MAKE UP ME MIND, I have too many ideas in my head.

I got this food larder to be in Crystal’s Antiques, Carlingford, Co Louth, highly recommend a visit its full of treasures

I got inspired by this little fella and his colourful ways.

No before you ask he is not mine, it’s just a picture I came across, I am really liking the blue and yellow combo. I was thinking of this lush wallpaper inside the larder and painting the larder exterior yellow, bit retro like.

My picture doesn’t do the wallpaper justice but I think you get the idea .Blue and yellow can by so fresh together.

I also came across this lovely wallpaper, bit countryish/orientally (grammar was never my strongest point, especially in school. I can just hear Mrs Clancy with her very posh accent shouting “Dear Gillian, what kind of language do you speak, it is unheard of, ridiculous tututututut”) Anyways, have a look.

I thought for this wallpaper (it is a lot brighter in real life) painting the exterior cream so that the wallpaper almost pops out of the larder. These are just two of my ideas I do have another EIGHT, for God sake, any opinions are very welcome before brain explodes, countdown 10, 9, 8 ……….

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Picture Perfect

There is nothing like making something yourself from start to finish like crafts, I am such a big kid when it come to designing, making, sticking, picking, licking crafts. Came across this great blog The Purl Bee great ideas for homemade crafts, great for pressies for friends, loving this material picture idea, brilliant.

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Knitting Fever

Yep, have no idea why but I have knitting fever, even knitted dog a hat, mind you the only time I get it on him is when he is asleep, spoil sport.

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