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“Thee” Vacation Lodge

I was browsing through the internet, checking out holiday homes to rent just out of curiosity more so and OH my, just came across this  “Fandabidozi” holiday home. Check this out, if I stayed here for a week, I would never leave.

Welcome to Tupper Lake vacation Lodge, rustic all the way.

Tupper Lake is a town in the southwest corner of Franklin County, New York, USA.

Just look at the glorious high ceilings, the whole house just embraces its beautiful surroundings of nature and brings it all into each room.

Perfect holiday home for any type of weather, would love to stay here in the winter and oh don’t forget the  snow outside.

Plenty of room in the kitchen area, if you do feel like cooking, yes even on your hols.

White panelling used throughout the kitchen area, rustic country.

I am not a big lover of four-poster beds, but I do really like this one, its like, your part of nature even when your sleeping.

Talk about getting cosy, Genius, great idea, you will be snug as a bug in one of these beds.

Would so love to stay in this house, must check my Lotto numbers.


And this is my holiday home, huh?

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