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Visiting Nana

My nana has been in hospital for the last, huh, I think its like 2mths now, wow long time. Visit her a lot, so have gotten to know a few of the elderly ladies in the ward, so when I go up to the hospital I end up staying for 2-3hrs, seriously.

So last nite I went up to visit and Bert from the ward next door, who insists on wearing the same jumper everyday, walks into the ladies ward and hops into one of the beds. He started shouting “I’m stayin here”, I roared laughing, every time the nurse asked him to get out of the bed he shouted “fuck off, I’m stayin here” he wouldn’t move. Then Kathleen beside him, who had been shouting for her cat earlier, joined in with Bert, I swear, I was doubled over from laughing.

I actually really enjoy visiting  them all, some really sad stories, I have adopted Kathleen & Nan as my Grans too, as none of their family visit. So, bringing them both up some woolly socks today. Kathleen walks around with the key of her house around her neck on a string, she told me all her family wants is her house and she’s keeping it safe. Nan’s family sold her house and they all moved abroad, she was a seamstress and sits for hrs, moving her fingers imagining she is sewing, she is 95. They are very well looked after by the nurses, they are so kind to them, we sometimes even have a sing-song at nite, Kathleen loves to sing.

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