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Married, Who Me?

Ok, so as you get older and you’re in a relationship for a long time, people keep asking you “So any sign of getting engaged” then when you do finally get engaged they ask “So did you get the ring yet” then when you get the ring it’s “So when’s the big day”. There is only so much pressure a woman can take, I have been engaged for two years now and I am so laid back about getting married, am I the only one? because it feels like it.

I have been waiting for inspiration for that day when I do get married and finally it came to me.

Once Wed is an absolutely fabulous website showing happy couples getting married on a budget, I want Bryce and Stephanie’s wedding, check it out.

Photography by Amy Carroll, Amy is a true genius when it comes to capturing unique moments.

The simple wedding invitations, isn’t Stephanie’s dress beautiful?

The wedding is so real, nothing fancy just simple and elegant.

The reception tables, no fuss just pure.

A touch of vintage is added to the main wedding table.

I love, love, love Stephanie’s wedding dress.

A homemade cushion with the wedding rings.

A selection of pies for the hungry guests.

Everything is so simple, lovely cupcakes

The guests even get homemade jam.

There is nothing fancy about this wedding yet it is so beautiful the way they have kept everything so simple, check out the site for more inspirations for getting married, Once Wed.

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