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Baby Bird

Oh my God, spent the afternoon chasing a young crow, he fell out of his nest right into the Lions den, he flew down into my yard with three hungry dogs, talk about PANIC. I was like a lunatic running around after the bird and shouting at the dogs, finally caught the bird, took him into the house.

My dog thinking of dinner (em, don’t look at the window sills, preparing to paint them)

He took a fancy to my fruit bowl, rang birdwatch and got advice, putting him in the field next to me, so here I go again running round the house trying to catch him, he nipped me twice already, ungrateful little bugger.

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Pots Of Style

Hello! remember the post I did on  Designed By Me, I purchased a load of plastic pots and painted them all different colours, well here they are in all their glory. The pictures don’t do them justice, I placed all the pots along an old shed to brighten this area up, they even brighten up the place on a rainy day.

My very own rainbow in my yard.

I love to sit out on a sunny day, surrounded by all the colours, puts a smile on your face.

The best thing about the pots is the dogs don’t go near them, which is unusually for them, as one of my dogs is a very keen digger, maybe they think they are to nice to destroy, time will tell.

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Craft & Food Fair

Just in the door from a lovely Craft and food fair, which was held in the Lisdoo, Dundalk, lots of lovely treats.

This big boy is from Flying Baby Cake Company, they are a family run business based in Co Meath, they have a variety of cakes and cupcakes for every occasion, all handmade, mmmmmmmm.

Believe me, they taste as good as they look, tasted a variety of samples, could have eaten the full cake. 

Lots of colourful dress jewellery to choose from, spoilt for choice.

Plenty of little treasures to be found, a variety of antiques.

I am a lover of anything pretty and antique, so I was in my element.

Purchased this beautiful small bag for €8.00.

I know the top picture looks like a sweet but it is actually a knitted brooch, I purchased this from a lovely lady, Elvira Ivanova, who hands knits and creates her own designs, Softaccessories.

Carbs, lots and lots of carbs, how can you pass them, they stare straight at you and shout, buy me, buy me, so I did.

Apple and pear scones, only got seven, one for everyday of the week, then diet next week.

When I tasted Mrs Bridges, sweet onion relish, I had to have a jar, very nice.

Good job I didn’t purchase any clothes, they wouldn’t fit me with all the food goodies I got.

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Sports/Jelly Day

So tired today, woke up this morning had to check my eyes out in the mirror thought they had fallen down my face, couldn’t sleep last nite, kept hearing voices shouting “how much is that”. You see, I went to my nieces sports day yesterday and volunteered to help out at the shop, it was just a table with a million jellies and drinks for sale, to support the school. A few mums were helping out in the shop too, until the flippin races started and they all scattered, leaving me on my own with about 40 kids shouting “how much is that”. I never want to see a jelly again or a kid, came home last nite drank a bottle of wine.

On your marks get set, NO MORE JELLIES.

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Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday, Lorna from Garrendenny Lane, is sssssoooooo generous, every Friday she has a competition and gives away freebies, yes it is true, no catch, check it out. 

Simply choose a product from the on-line shop that is priced at €50 or under that you would like to win – name the product and say why you would like it.  If your number comes up, the product you picked will be winging its way to you.

Ok, so the product I choose is, these delightful Cameo Tealight holders.

The reason I have chosen these is because, I have about 60 tealights and for some reason whenever I see tealights I purchase them. My nana always has lots of tealights and would always say,” if the electricity went out you should always be prepared”. So now I could light a run way in my yard, I would really like these cameo tealights, so I would finally have something to put my candles into and they would go with my cameo necklace.

So fingers crossed.

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Gotta Pick A Pepper Or Two

As I told you previously, I have successfully grown my very own peppers, which is a miracle, I have watched them grow from a small seed into juicy sweet peppers, so proud.

Today I finally took the plunge and picked my juicy friends, was a bit sorry to do so, as it took so long to grown the bleedin things. Heres hoping they continue to grow.

Now, what to do with them, any suggestions?  Be gentle they are my first.

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Put Your Inexpensive Thinking Cap On.

After watching Sex And The City and all the expensive interiors, heres some of my ideas for the not so expensive, YET, expensive looking interiors, (does that make sense).

Some very inexpensive ideas, sometimes just simple adjustments to our interiors changes the whole outlook.

I do love the tray coffee table in Carries new apartment, here is something you can do to dress or make your own coffee table look interesting. Stack books or whatever you like to collect, some of your favourite accessories that reflect your own personal interests on to a tray on the coffee table. Picture by interior designer James Michael Howard.

Pictures and lots of them, they are a great way of adding character to an otherwise dull wall, you will also find people or friends visiting your home will love looking at them.

They can add so much colour to white walls, vibrant colours will bring the walls to life.

Wall stickers are a great idea for kids rooms or the play room and very inexpensive, Ikea.

Bookshelves, your own personal library goes very well in a living room, Shelves and library ladder from Ikea.

Go quirky with your bookshelves, don’t be afraid to experiment and don’t just put books on them, mix it up with some of your personal accessories.

Even better, why not wallpaper the back of the bookshelves or paint them a different colour, picture from Country Living.

Add the cosy factor, The Rug, it can totally change the look of any room, just a simple rug.

You can also make an impact with a rug, imagine this room without the floral rug, it is the key to the rooms design, picture from Channel 4.

Another idea that will cost you nothing, change your furniture around, I think interior designer James Michael Howard has a great eye for placing furniture in any room.

I really like the layout of this room, the glass desk turned out towards the centre of the room instead of placing it against the wall, it makes the room more interesting, check out his website lots of lovely interior pictures and great ideas.

I drive my partner mad, each time he comes home the sofa is in a different place, told him if he keeps complaining  it will be out in the yard next time with him on it, Ha.

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