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A Room With Its Own Mind

I do like a room that does not stick to its label, thinking outside the box, especially when it comes to bathrooms.  

A Bathroom but not a bathroom designed by Robin Bell

 Warmth is added to this traditional bathroom with beautiful furniture.

A warm glamorous touch by Rozanne Jackson.

Quirky design by Elanie Griffin

Built in units and flowing curtains, adding a different feeling to this airy bathroom.

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My Very Own Cushion, Ahhh

Oh yeah the sewing classes are paying off, I made my very own cushion, piping and all, are you impressed?

I purchased the material from The Long Walk Furniture Shop, in Dundalk. I found a basket at the back of the shop with bits and pieces of material, I purchased this Sanderson’s material, roughly about a metre and a half for €5.oo.

Between the cushion, piping, zip and material, it cost me €8.50, which is amazing because you could easily pay between €40-€60, for this cushion in stores. So my advise, join a sewing class and get making your own creations, I love going to the classes, great group of women and its a release at the end of a hard day.

So proud of my cushion, next, RULE THE WORLD.

More to come.

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Designed By Me

There is nothing more rewarding than making something yourself, I am always trying something new, or making something new. I purchased these flower pots for €2.99 and I am painting them different colours. The paints are samples paints at €1.00 each and I have mixed them with white gloss paint so the paint doesn’t run or I would have a rainbow yard. Will be glad to show you the finished product, when it stops friggin raining.

Can’t wait to get them finished, it will be so colourful, imagine all the colours when the flowers bloom, you will probably see them from space, Ha.

Molly my faithful companion likes to sit in the car boot and watch me make a mess.

Might try to do a bit of a sun dance, will let you know if it works

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