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Thinking Of Me

I have recently started sewing classes, I am at it a few weeks now and I have actually made myself a skirt, I am so proud of myself, even though the friggin skirt doesn’t fit me, that’s not the point, I, yes me, made a skirt.

So anyone who wants to buy me a pressie, no pressure, but I would love this sewing box from Maple & Violet, only €9.95.

Oh and if you are still feeling generous, can you get some Lemon curd from Marty and Sharon at Friendly Cottage.

Homemade, check out the blog they even give you the recipe, if you are feeling adventurous why not make some and then you will save your money and I will still have a nice pressie.

Well, cause you saved the money on the lemon curd, to finish off you could give me something from Gudrun Sjoden, I love, love, love her clothes and especially her housewares.

So much beautiful textures and colours.

I think that’s everything, hope your feeling generous, sure what are friends for.

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Wild About The Garden

I love nothing more than losing myself in the garden and in my garden that is easily done, bit overgrown at the moment, ok, a lot overgrown.

I love this idea of placing a mirrored window on a wall, simple and very effective.

  inspiring designer Christopher Maya

I tend to lean more towards wild gardens, they give me a feeling of freedom, just natural, not to fussy let the flowers do their own thing.

Reminds me of little house on the prairie, running through the field

Wild but wonderful.

So enchanting, magical, like the garden holds a secret.

Ah well that’s me dreaming again, have to go tend to my very own, very wild garden.




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