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Happy Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, isn’t it great, I love Halloween, the only thing is I still have the bloody FLU. Every year I take my niece and about 50 of her friends Trick r Treat and I am the biggest kid of the lot. God be with the days I used to do it myself, every year I insisted on dressing up as MADONNA, Ha, while everyone else dressed up as a witch, here I was with my pink illuminous socks, my black lace legging and my pencilled in black beauty spot, Ahhh to be young and stupid.

The only down fall with Halloween is the fireworks, well I do have three dogs, two of my dogs are fine, but the newest addition Roxie just takes off like a rocket. I was in the kitchen yesterday evening, when someone let a firework off outside the house, Roxie flew past me into the living room, jumped across the sofa and got stuck between the sofa and the wall, she was running in mid-air. I kid you not, I was on the floor with the laughter, I know I am awful but it was very funny, so when I got her out, the smile was wiped clean off my face, she bloody well pulled the whole phone socket out of the wall, Jesus. I had no INTERNET, I live on the internet. So just as I got her settled, BANG goes another and off she goes again this time to the bathroom and there she curled up in the shower, I had only cleaned it today. She came out a few hours later refreshed and smelling of bleach. Thinking of strapping her down to the kitchen table on Saturday night.


Picture 253

ROXIE the flying dog, she can shoot across a room in 3.2 seconds while keeping your house smelling fresh with the scent of bleach.


                                        Have a great Halloween



                 Remember to scare someone before they scare you.

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Great Ideas

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I have the FLU, I am so not well, there is a little factory in my head full of little people, working 24hrs making a well know product call SNOT, So gross. I even have pains in my finger nails? I will try anything to get rid of this flu, especially the factory in my head. I even tried NOSE DRAINING, if you have a weak tummy, move away from the screen and press ESC. I got this funny looking  jug  from yoga class, you fill up the jug with warm water and salt, then you tilt your head and pour the water into one nostril and it comes out the other, Yeah right. So I did all of  thee above, tried to flush out the factory but the water didn’t come back out, I have no idea where it went, but now I am DEAF. I cannot hear a thing, I was bad before but now I can’t hear a thing, seriously, I didn’t think it could get any worse.

So anyway here are a few Great Ideas, and none of them is bloody well Nose Draining.


 Open your mind to different ideas, like using a simple small dining table as a desk, great idea adding an extra shelf on, across the bottom of the table.


When it comes to small areas, instead of just a plan bright colour, jazz it up with a colourful wallpaper, if done right it actually adds more space and depth to a room. 


I love this idea, instead of a simple door a colourful sliding door is added, completely different, genius.

Tom scheerer

In this comfy living room, barrels are added instead of side tables, room designed by Tom Scheerer.

When looking around your own home, think outside the box, use your imagination, why be like everyone else, add a bit of difference to your home, add your very own design.

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My favourite time of the year, take inspiration from the beautiful colours of autumn surrounding you.


Warm and glowing colours of a beautiful season.


 keeping the inspiration alive adding warmth to your home. Picture from Kathry M Ireland‘s house.


Bring the outside into your home, let nature hug your home.


Check out Gudrun Sjoden website for beautiful Autumn colours in both interiors and clothing, one of my favourites, truly unique.

Or you could always get one of these to snuggle up to, to keep you warm.


Ohhhh so, so cute, but my dogs would swallow one whole and want more.

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No, I ain’t cutting trees, just admiring one of natures own, WOOD.


Maybe it’s the time of year, but I have always loved the effect wood can have on any interior, it’s so warm and welcoming, rich and soothing and so grounded.


  A rustic entrance to Designer Mimi Maddock McMakin’s  Hallway, in the Adirondack Mountains located in the northeastern part of New York.


Definitely one of my favourite combinations of all time, white walls, stainless steel and of course Wood.


White painted panelling on walls adds character and cosines.


I know it’s a bit early (xmas) but this is one of my favourite rooms, the combination of red brick around the fire, the bleached wooden panelling on the walls and ceiling. You are surrounded by wood throughout this room, yet it disguises itself with its never ending versatility.

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Home Cooking

What do you do when you are unwell and stuck at home for a few weeks, besides go nuts, thats me, I have become the next Nigella Lawson. I have taking up cooking and baking to keep me sane, so to add to misery, now I have put on weight from all the cooking and baking.

 PERFECTION, the best Italian Pizza EVER.

Picture 268

 So I got the recipe from Pizzatherapy brilliant site, totally dedicated to pizza, from making dough to pizza sauce, very simple and very tasty, I have tried several recipes for pizza dough and this one is by far the best. Now all I need is my Italian stallion to serve it to me.



Raoul Bova, Now thats what I call Ittttttttalian Sttttttttttallion.

Some home made scones with blueberrys, gorgeous with loads and loads of butter, unfortunately these scones can have an effect on the top button of your jeans.

Picture 269


 And to make matters worse, some triple chocolate chip muffins, these muffins go very well with loose black trousers, forget about the jeans. Got the recipe off thee Nigella Lawson on utube, they are so easy to make and sinfully delicious


Picture 282

cake stand 12.99 ikea

I got the cake stand from Ikea, only 12.99.

But in all I have to say there is nothing like good home cooking, you know exactly what your eating and believe it or not I find it very relaxing.


My dog Shannon down the field dreaming of my chocolate chip muffins, dream on fella.

Picture 272

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Cottage Cosiness

Oh I do have a MAJOR soft spot for cottages (after all I live in one) I came across some gorgeous pictures of cottages for self catering holidays in England The Grove Cottages.


I love the cosiness of this room its like the cottage wraps its arms around you to keep you warm and snug.


What cottage is not complete without a roaring fire and an armchair full of character.


To me, it’s all the wee nooks and crannies that makes a cottage magical, There is actually a hole in the wall beside the fireplace in my own house, were the farmer used to keep the pig there.

Check out the website for more sumptuous cottage interiors.

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