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Let There Be Light

I have a soft spot for lamps, any kind, large, small, glass, painted, any kind will do thank you, especially now with the dark evenings are drawing in. Lighting, like colour, can also be used to make a room seem larger or smaller, depending on the positioning and types of lights chosen.


I love these two large lamps, positioned on two small tables, adding balance to this area, lamps can be used to draw attention to decorative details and it can help to create mood and atmosphere, picture by Tom Scheerer, NY.


A simple lamp, can add light to any area as well a being a decorative feature.

Kathryn Ireland's

Floor lamps are great for small areas, remember shades can transform an ordinary lamp bases into an up to the minute stylish design. Picture from Kathryn M Ireland’s house, check out her site, Kathryn’s fabrics are to die for.

markham roberts

Careful consideration will allow you to make the best use of lighting and will enhance your scheme, Picture from Markham Roberts, NY.

The key to successful lighting in the home is versatility and adaptability.

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Tis A Bit Chilly

OH MY GOD, went into town this morning with straight hair and back home with curly hair, if it doesn’t stop raining, I am going to go completely nuts. To make matters worse, I have naturally curly hair and I go to great lengths to straighten it and dumbo here went and got a fringe, so every morning I wake up looking like Elvis. Did you know, its not even called SUMMER any more its more like summer/winter/autumn/spring and all in one bloody day, just waiting for the snow, like the icing on the cake.

Its that time of the year again to start putting away the sandals (you never got to wear anyway) and get the boots out. I do love this time of year, I love to get out all my cosy throws and snuggle up in them in front of the fire. As you know I love my bed, with the dark evenings coming in, I dress my bed with warm colours, cosy but bright. I am not one of those people that as soon as winter comes, dress in black, I like colours and besides you feel better wearing colour.


Keep your bed clothes bright on those dark cold nights, soft warm colours are great for relaxing in.

Garrendenny Lane in Carlow, Co loais have a beautiful selection of bright bedclothes by Designers Guild, (check out the online shop, they deliver all over Ireland).


 Beautiful and Bright, by Clarissa Hulse with Klimt Bedlinen range, at House Of Fraser.

If you are feeling a bit adventurous, like me you could always make your own duvet cover. I sometimes come across materials that I would love for my bed, so I take matters into my own hands and make it myself, it is very easy, you’d be amazed what you can achieve with a simple sewing machine.

Would you believe, I lit my stove last night, I called round to the village and bought my first bag of turf for the winter, I love, love, love the smell of turf burning. Last year I even got a free mouse in the bag with the turf, so kind. (Information on turf).

Turf being cut.


Go on yeah boyo.

Oh and one last thing, now that the nights are closing in and the lighting and heating will be on much more ,I think I will take Lucy Kennedy’s advice and make the BIG SWITCH to Bord Gais.

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