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My New Addition


Picture 252

                                               The Three Stooges.

Shannon on the left, Molly in the middle and our new addition Roxie.

Roxie came from the Carrickmacross Dog Rescue Center, she is two years old, spent her life chained to a pole and she will eat anyting, I mean anything, apples, teabags, coffee, paper, sandwiches, well thats what she has consumed so far. She is stone mad too and by god she will make you laugh, so all in all she fits in perfectly.

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How to Reupholster A Chair.


Step aside and let the brain through, very important message, when shopping for your home, be advised, SHOP AROUND AND AROUND.

I recently purchased wallpaper for a client, I ALWAYS shop around before I purchase anything, the price difference between two Interior shops within a mile of eash other was astounding, a whopper €90.  Unfortunately, I have to say I do come across this a lot, it is so frustrating, to think my client could have paid an extra €90 if I hadn’t  researched the prices of the wallpaper.

Here is a great video on How to Reupholster a Chair. I have done this several times myself, you know me and my love of restoring old furniture and giving it a second or third life.

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What A Lovely Suprise

 I was clearing out one of our gardens, it is so overgrown but in a way, it is very enchanting

Picture 219

Look what we found when we cleared away about a million weeds and trees.

Picture 218

Billy the bull, he popped his head over the wall and has now become a regular visitor, you can even pet him, he has four other friends all very friendly.

I love anything to do with gardening, hopefully some day I will be growing vegetables, I always have a few herbs growing in pots in my kitchen, my favourite is basil.

Picture 250

It is so easy to grow and the smell from it is gorgeous. I have a favourite salad I make from this herb, use a large plate, cover the bottom of the plate with slices of a beef tomato then a lay of red onion, on top of that a layer of feta cheese and to finish off a layer of fresh basil leaves, dress with any olive oil or vinaigerette and I promise you it is delicious. 


 I came across this old bedroom dresser with bevelled mirror on castors on DoneDeal, for only €50, with a bit of work it could be very beautiful, maybe paint it a rich cream, its not too big a piece of furniture and could look very elegant in a bedroom.


 Well back to the gardening, in between the rain showers, Irish summers huh.


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Ok, the ideal interiors solution for a clients unforeseen circumstances. One of my clients decided earlier in the year that she and her husband would skip their summer holiday in the Mediterranean sun and treat the most lived-in part of their home to a make-over.

Unfortunately her husband who has worked at the same firm for 28-years was recently made redundant a circumstance facing many famlies in the current climate.

Because of her circumstances my client had to cancel my services which was very disappointing for her as I knew she had her heart set on the make-over for her sun room and dining area. 

I didnt want to give up on her so I decided to dust-off my magic wand, by the way my wand has a name, its called budget. We did agree on a price and a strict budget of €7,000 several months back so I proposed several new less extravagant options which she was delighted with, one of which she agreed to.  I do love a challenge and I find working on a tight budget makes you give a project a lot more thought and creativity.

First of all I convinced my client to keep their large two seater sofa which they purchased 8 years ago but having examined it I discovered that it was a very solid piece which could be brought back to life quite easily. 

After some digging I managed to purchase a beautiful coloured stripe fabric from Murphy Sheehy & Co  in Dublin for less than €400 and my very talented friend Rita Black (local upholsterer) worked her magic. The result  was a very bright, colourful and modern sofa with a happy ending.

Picture 222


The dining area.

Picture 234

For the family dining area my client had originally planned to paper the walls, replace her pine kitchen table and chairs and paint the ugly radiator. This area greatly needed to be brightened up as the natural light is quite restricted in this room.

Plan B:  I proposed that we retain the table and chairs, paint the walls and camouflage the double radiator with a decorative cover. For the walls which were in very good condition we opted for Dulux Jasmine White which really brightened up the room. The real money-saver was my proposal to keep the solid pine table and chairs but to paint it with an Orchid White again from Dulux.  In keeping with the revised budget, a radiator cover was added instead of furniture, which was easy on the eye and used as a display area.

Above the radiator we hung a large classical style mirror with a carved gold gilt frame made of a wooden construction with gesso detailing and bevelled edge glass. An ideal overmantle size. Overall measurement approx 47″ x 35″.

The mirror which we picked up in Little Strand Interiors Clogherhead, Co. Louth for a mere €220 adds light and space to this part of the room and a touch of colour was added for this pic with some freshly picked flowers from my garden.  This room is now airy and bright,  it is spacious but not cluttered, you can take a deep breath in this room and float with its classical style.

After some very tough negotiations with suppliers and tradesmen we stuck to the new budget and cut the original cost by a staggering €3,500.

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It’s A Bargain

                                  GOT UP THIS MORNING FEELING



                                                        HAD MY


                                                     AND FELT


                                                        THEN I GOT


                                                      AND OF COURSE

monkey_wearing_clothes-11981                                     SAID  NEIGHELLO TO THE NEIGHBOURS




Spent this morning browsing through one of my favourite sites, oh yes I do love a BARGAIN, check this out 


A complete set of 15 church pews made of pitch pine wood in good condition, approx. 8 feet in length. A total of 41 church pews are for sale at 100 euros for each pew.Price: €100Ad posted by Fr. Richard Kelly O.F.M. Done Deal.


Oh my head is spinning with ideas, what you could do with a church pew.


 So simple and elegant, Making a statement all by itself, picture from Apartment Therapy.


One of my favourite places for a church pew is at the dinning table, with plenty of cushions or get one long cushion made for the seating, it will also save you on cost. One church pew €100 and all the seating it allows, compared to buying chairs.

Also loving this old settle, for €300.



Here is another great offer.

A beautiful set comprising of oak refectory dining table pineapple end supports, vintage Bevan funnel oak pineapple court cupboard, and 6 leather backed oak dining chairs Oak refectory dining table pineapple end supports.

All this furniture is sold as a set and wait for it, only €700, I kid you not. Done Deal.






So Gothic, love it.


An absolute find


 This is a blast from the past, a G plan coffee table. The first G-Plan furniture model was made in sixties and featured light oak colour with ultra-modern design of that time. Here in all its glory, a G plan coffee table in great condition for €150. Done Deal



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