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I have never been a big spender, I do believe in value for money, I also never fell for the whole designer thing either. I think it is crazy the prices that designers charge for their “creations” , they can make a profit without overcharging and be realistic. So on that note, here are a few ideas for your home and how you can change it without spending and spending and spending.



Define a cosy space. Open floor plans are all the rage, but some spaces call for a more intimate approach. Hang curtains in a doorway to close off a room or call attention to a small space with a big personality.



Be a bit more adventurous, don’t have the same material cushions as your sofa, the matchy-matchy look can be a bit obvious. Upgrade to down-filled cushions with removable covers in a fabric you love — and don’t be afraid to mix it up with different patterns. Above Ivanka Trumps apartment. If I can’t find the cushions I want, I buy down filled cushions in bargain shops and buy material to cover them, it works out cheaper and I get exactly what I want.



 What could add impact and cost you nothing? greenery from your very own garden or if you are cheeky enough your neighbours garden.

design monelle totah

It is so simple yet so effective, how greenery can transform a room, this chic bedroom was designed by Monelle Totah, don’t estimate the power of nature.



To give your space a more modern feel, trade your pleated shades for simple drum-shaped ones — they’re better looking and easier to keep clean. If you really want to make a statement, do something quirky like this monochrome theme (black & white).



Placing a shelf above a doorway for storage it is a great way to display some of your favourite items, also adds character.



Personalise a small space with photo’s, lamp and some collectables.




Add the unexpected, like this Queen Ann chair and cow hide rug, in the bathroom?


eric cohler

 Use up the space you have, like this landing area, transformed into a beautiful cosy retreat, design by eric cohler.




Instead of spending a lot of money on purchasing a headboard, why not create your own, simply pick a material that compliments your room and bingo.
Last but not least, my favourite, bringing furniture back to life. There is not one piece of furniture in my house that is new, it has all been saved from doom, with a lot of love and care, transformed into something beautiful.

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Camping, The Vintage Way

Camping to me when I was a child was two large bed sheets, a clothes line and a 100 pegs, struggling in the back garden spending an hour putting up our make shift tent, that never stayed up. So I was considering for a short holiday, on going camping, for real (no sheets required). To my delight I came across a treasure of a place in The Isle of Wight, The Isle of Wight is an English Island and a County, located 3-5 miles from the south coast of the mainland. The place is called Vintage Vacation owned by Helen Cunningham, you can hire out American style trailers,a beech shack, a chalet and my favourite a tin tabernacle.

I have fallen in love with the tin tabernacle and I guarantee you will too.


 The converted tin tabernacle called ‘ The mission’


 I can definitely see myself here, sitting in front of the fire.


 I love the mixture of the the interior walls, the horizontal wooden panelling and the white walls. The style through out is a mixture of old and new complimenting each other.The architect Keith Cunningham has created this magnificent open plan building within a building.


Part of the living room area.


One of the two open plan bedrooms.


The mezzanine.


The 1950’s style kitchen.



The Shack


 Very cosy and so effortlessly put together.




The Bungalow


Very vintage, loving this patchwork sofa.


 The kitchen area.



The Trailer


There is a variety of American trailers to choose from.


Even the trailers have that effortless vintage style.

Now the problem is which one do you choose or stick to the old traditional way, bed sheets and pegs, not.

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I Have Been Tagged

I have been tagged by lovely Paula from Maple & Violet, I have been given a selection of questions to answer about myself, so its all about me, me, me. Are you gone yet, well if not here goes.

So here are the rules:

1. Respond and rework: Answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your invention, add one more question of your own.

2. Tag eight other people.

Here goes……………

What is your current obsession?  Sleeping, the weather is so heavy and sticky lately its knocking me out, also my garden, its very very overgrown, I seriously need to hire out a small digger, its driving me nuts.


Coffee or tea? Coffee every morning, love my coffee but can’t drink to much or I get hyper and can’t stop talking.


What’s for dinner? Bread and water at the moment, I have to do the shopping but its lashing rain, maybe a takeout instead.


What would you eat for your last meal? Anything Italian, maybe even served by an Italian Stallion.


What was the last thing you bought?  Ha, Bird nuts, yesterday, I am like Snow White with all the birds around me in the morning, big animal lover.


What are you listening to right now?  The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, blaring through the house while writing about me, thank god my neighbours are field’s away.


What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe? No no no can’t choose I have too many favourites.


What is your favourite ice cream flavour? Believe it or not, I am actually not an ice cream lover but I did have the pleasure of tasting Murphy’s Ice Cream and it is truly delicious, I am more of a savory gal, just ask my thighs.


What do you think of the person(s) who tagged you? Paula, great style and taste, very funny, love reading Paula’s blog, she has a great way with words and like me, can laugh at herself.


If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? I have a fear of flying, let me rephrase that I am terrified of flying, I am claustrophobic. So if you could beem me up and land me in Austria, to where  the film ”The Sound Of Music’ was made, it would bring to life a childhood dream of mine.


Which language do you want to learn? Italian, so I could order my last meal.


What is your favourite colour? Last week white, Yesterday pink, today blue.


What is your dream job? My dream job would be to work with animals, I am currently a volunteer at an animal shelter two mornings a week or when I can. I have two great big German Shepherds at the moment, will be getting chickens, when the garden is sorted and always wanted a goat. I am stone mad aren’t I. I also love being an Interior Designer, I have a very open mind and I am confident when it comes to designing, its hard to explain but its just feels right for me.


What is your worst habit? Collecting animals.


If you had £100 now, what would you spend it on? Give my dogs €50 each, ha, no I would probably spend it on material for my sofa.


What book are you currently reading? I have just finished reading two of the best books I have ever read, ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo’ and to follow ‘The girl who played with fire’  both by Stieg Larsson. At his death in November 2004 he left three unpublished novels that made up the Millennium trilogy.  I have to say I could not put these books down, I highly recommend you read these fantastic books.


Describe your personal style? A bit vintage, I never follow trends, love dresses, I have this theory if you look good you feel good, so I make an effort everyday. I recently went into one of my favourite shops and the assistant said ” you always buy the clothes no one else tries on ” huh, what way do I take that, well why be like everyone else?


What are you going to do after this?  Go to bed, I wish. Calling to client to measure for material for window seat and cushions. 


What are your favourite movies? The list is to long, from old movies, ‘Street Care Named Desire’ with Vivienne Leigh to more  recent ‘Gran Torino’ with Clint Eastwood. I am a movie fanatic.


What is your favourite fruit? Grapes.


What inspires you? My Partner, he is a great lover of life, he actually thinks sleep is a waste of time, there is to much in life to do (think he is mad but inspirational)



If you could change your name to anything, what would you call yourself? My name was changed for me, my name is Gillian but everybody calls my G.


 What is your favourite smell? Oh the smell of a new born baby.



What’s your favourite item in your home? My very large old antique wardrobe, I even have my niece convinced it leads to Narnia.


How many times do you press the snooze button before you get up? Ok , I have a confession to make here, I actually sleep through alarms, oh yes any kind of alarm.


Cats or dogs? Hello, this is me your asking.


What’s your biggest fashion mistake? Went to a nightclub once with white bra under black top, whatever lighting they had, my white bra glowed all night through the top. Went out on a first date, didn’t realise I had my dress on back to front till I seen somebody else wearing it (the right way). Really I could go on forever.


What is your guilty TV pleasure? The Wire, police drama series, its so good.


What did you want to be when you grew up? A Vet, a nurse, a teacher, a clothes designer, a lawyer, an actress, a zoo keeper and an interior designer.


What is your biggest regret? That if I don’t get over my fear of flying, I will never get to run down that hill of Julie Andrews.


What is your worse decorating disaster? Sorry I am a perfectionist I don’t have any. Ok, I was decorating a room for a small wedding and I was up a  ladder stapling ribbons to a very high ceiling, when all of a sudden the ladder and me came sliding down the wall. The wall was damaged with two tracks from ceiling to floor so I had to run into town and buy a load of white netting to cover the wall up. It wasn’t till the next day did I realise that I could obviously fly and my toes where all purple from my crash landing.


Victorian Terrace or contemporary new build? Victorian Terrace, I am an old style girl at heart.


If you could have one superpower, which would you choose? To fly, so I wouldn’t have to go on a plane.


Well that’s me done but beware it could be you next, ha, ha, ha, ha. 


When I got up this morning as always I checked my blog for any comments and there was one.

Comment                                                                                                                                        I laughed out loud several times reading this interview, THANK YOU for being SUCH a deliciously fun spirit!  I had to read some of them out loud to my husband.  Eyes are moist from all the laughter…superb.  I found your website from gazing at gorgeous interior design.  My hat is OFF to you, perfectionist..very accurate.  That’s the word that comes to mind when looking at the pics on your site.

You are delightful and make the world a better place ~ so glad you’re here!!

Kass Risor
Yacolt, Washington, United States

 As I read this comment I had tears in my eyes, it truly is the nicest comment anybody has every given me, I am shocked that I have recieved such a beautiful compliment. I am a bit of an eejit and very clumsy, I am one of those people that anything that goes wrong, goes wrong.  People close to me, know what I am like and pass me off as being silly and sometimes stupid, it can be hurtful sometimes but I never took life seriously and its too late to start now. So to recieve this compliment of such words, I will carry them with me everyday and remember them when I do get into a fix (again).

So thank you to the lovely Kass Risor for being a true inspiration with her kind words.



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The Bedroom

Oh I love my bed, my favourite room is the bedroom. I love nothing more than snuggling up in bed, with comfy cushions, reading a book, that to me is heaven (aren’t I easy to please).

Here’s a few of my favourite bedrooms.


tom stringer

 Fresh and happy bedroom.


 Colourful and cosy.


mimi maddock mcMakin

I do love Interior Designer Mimi Maddock McMakin’s house, in the Adirondack Mountains located in the northeastern part of New York.  The Master bedroom is my favourite room, it is full of rustic charm, the headboard is upholstered in a Bessarabian rug, so clever.


my house

This is another favourite of mine, the architectural shape of the room, the simple white walls and the old furniture, bring a romantic feeling to this enchanting bedroom.


designer bruce glickman and wilson henley

This eclectic style (check out my post on ‘Creating your own style’ for eclectic style’s) bedroom was designed by Bruce Glickman and wilson Henley, New York. It is a perfect combination or styles brought together harmoniously, from the country style white wall panels to the modern style table to the classical style chairs. It is truly a unique bedroom.


jonathan adler

Jonathan Adler is a very successful Interior Designer from American with shops based all over the country, his style is truly an inspiration. This is part of a bedroom he designed, his style is full of fun and so effortlessly put together.


A pink treat.

wall colour in benjamin moores razzle dazzle

Gorgeous, fabulous pink at its best, would you dare to go this pink?

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