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Living Large In Small Spaces

You can have great fun when decorating small rooms, they seem to have more character than larger rooms, they can be special because they are small. Here’s a few tips on helping you out when decorating.

In a small room make a big statement with one large piece of furniture, by playing with scale in this way the eye will think the room is bigger than it actually is. A large piece of furniture can actually make the space feel larger, as long as it’s selected carefully. Proportion and scale are vital.

Everyone thinks when decorating a small room, to stick with bright colours and small furniture but dark colors and just a few pieces of large-scale furniture, with the appropriate lighting and accessories, can give a room a larger, more luxurious feel.

I also have small rooms in my house, I purchased a very good book with brilliant and clever ideas ‘Living Large In Small Spaces’ by Marisa Bartolucci.



It’s easier, safer, and less expensive to be dramatic in a small space.

apartment th


A Long narrow living room(from House Beautiful)



This room is broken down into separate seating sections, making the room appear larger than it is. The large mirror above the fireplace, reflects light throughout the room creating a feeling of space.



Mirrors don’t have to be limited to walls; it looks great on furniture, too, giving the impression that the piece is not really there at all.


Petite Kitchen.


This has got to be the smallest kitchen ever but cleverly designed, a mirrored back-splash, an electric cook-top that doubles as counter top. This tiny kitchen was designed by Stephanie Stokes an Interior Designer from New York.



Polished metal is a trendy and modern take on mirror. Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan, a pair of New York City design gurus, have a vintage “four poster” bed by Paul Evans.


“Small rooms or dwellings discipline the mind, large ones weaken it.”
By Leonardo Di Vinci.

truck springs

 Loving these vintage truck springs, used as stools, Designer and owner of the house Ken Fulk spotted the vintage industrial pendant lights at the Paris flea market

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Lazy Day

Having a lazy day today, didn’t sleep last nite due to the sound of mooing, yes mooing. The farm beside me decided last nite to separate the cows from the bull and by god did the bull let us all know he was not a happy boy, he never stopped all nite. So by six o clock I gave up on trying to sleep and got up, but I didn’t mind, it was such a beautiful morning  and I was greeted by a colourful rainbow.

Picture 192

 I don’t have much energy today so I am just going to laze around the garden and spend time with my hairy friends ( my dogs ). 

Picture 196

 I have been waiting in anticipation for this large overgrown plant to flower for a few weeks now, I purchased it last year but can’t remember what it is.

Picture 198

 So this morning it has decided to bloom, isn’t it beautiful. 

Picture 201

 Molly sun bathing.

Picture 203

 Is she hairy or what, each summer I get her hair cut so she will be a lot cooler, this is her with her hair cut, you’d want to see her in the winter. 

Picture 205

I have tried so hard to get a decent picture of the young swallows flying around the yard, sorry this is the best I could do, can you spot him, on top of the gate.

OK that’s me done, back to relaxing, with go back to the world of Interior Design tomorrow.

Just a quick note to say, I think it is so sad about Michael Jackson’s death, I absolutely love his music it will go on forever and ever, my heart goes out to his children whom I hope get through this very hard time.

He truly was an individual and an inspiration.

Remember this.



Would love my man to say this to me.

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What’s New?

Here’s a few new bits and pieces I have come across this week.


China Blue Pitcher from Maple & Violet €6.95.

3.91 gunilla fabric

Material from Ikea, 100% cotton from Gunilla fabric range at £3.91 a metre.


Table clothes from The Linen Works


Striped patterns, prices start from £42, delivery charge £4.95 and you receive them within 2-3 days.



 New range of bed linen from Zara Home.



Set of three suitcase boxes, €25 from Rosemarie Durr, Kilkenny, Ireland.


Knitted cupcakes by Donna Wilson at €15 from NoFixedAbode in Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland.


Loving this orange vintage dress, worn by Ashley Olsen.


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Decisions On Fabric

I am really, really good when it comes to making choices for my clients, I do a lot of research into their lives and really get to know their wants and needs. When it comes to me though, its a different story, to fussy a bit of a perfectionist, put it this way, I got engaged at Christmas and I still haven’t got a ring. I just have to be 100% sure, I mean I will be wearing this ring everyday and I want it to be right, I haven’t got the feeling that I have found the right one yet, Am I nuts?

I am a bit like Goofy trying to choose the right golf club.


When I moved house three years ago, my parents give me their old sofa, this isn’t any old sofa it was their first piece of furniture. Its a huge big bucket sofa you could easily sleep on it, I have always wanted it. So for the last three years I have been keeping an eye out for the right fabric to cover this wonderful sofa and I still haven’t found it.

I do love floral and check fabrics, well at the moment anyway.


One of my favourite fabrics designers is Ralph Lauren, his fabrics are so beautiful there are so many I love. There is such a variety of fabrics to chose from at the moment, if you are on a tight budget and cannot afford the Ralph Lauren fabric you like, try Murphy Sheehy & Co.  Founded in the mid 1940’s by Harry Murphy it has evolved into one of Dublin’s leading dress and home furnishing providers under the guidance of Harry’s daughter Geraldine. They have an endless selection of very well priced fabrics.


Floral and checks.


Another one of my favourite fabric designers is Brunschwig & Fils, based in New York, unfortunately the nearest show room is in London.  I love looking through their website, if there is a fabric I like, I try to get something similar to it, yes I am the one with my head stuck in the bottom of the bargain fabric container.

Well I will just keep on searching for the right one.

Thought this was a great idea. Something a little different.


 A large shaving mirror turned upside down, instead of putting a plain mirror on the wall, genius.

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What A Weekend

Oh what a night, I went to see Def Leppard in concert at the O2 in Dublin, on Friday night. It was a great night, it was like stepping back into the 80’s, in every way, Oh yeah leather trousers, leopard skin leggins, long bleached wavy hair and of course really tight jeans. It was like a fashion show from the past, it was great, love people watching, of all the concerts I have been to, this was diffinitly the best for people watching.


I would go to see anyone in concert, I keep my options open, I am going to Rod Stewart next and then to Green Day, I find the older bands are the best.

Then on Sunday I went to the Taste Of Dublin in the Iveagh Gardens, it started a 5.00 and it was a lovely sunny evening. I stayed in Jury’s  Hotel in Ballsbridge for the night, the room was only €39 for the night, What a great deal.

Picture 177

The air was filled with the delious aroma of  fine food being cooked.

Picture 183

Mind you there was a lot more drink on offer than food, I am still recovering.

Picture 178

The music was brilliant, a brass band played really upbeat tunes to the merry crowd ( a lot more merry as the evening went on )

Picture 181

I truly had a great weekend, but its Tuesday and back to work.

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Mix And Don’t Match

Oh how I love the Summer sales, it gives you the chance to buy that beautiful dress you always wanted, but couldn’t afford (always the way). I usually wait for the half price sales. I love my clothes and I do believe in good quality clothes, I don’t care much for labels, they are what they are labels, its the clothes that count, whether you like them or you don’t.

As with my interiors I do love a bargain, I recently purchased two dresses and a top in the sales, both dresses were €400 each and the top €200. I got the two dresses for €100 each and the top for €80, aren’t I a clever girl. I like to wear colourful clothes, they make me feel good and I have no rules, I wear want I like when I like. I am wearing the yellow dress today with jeans and a green necklace, like my home interiors I like to be adventurous with all colours and experiment a lot.

Picture 164

Green and yellow dresses and turquoise top, love them all.

I adore interiors that are different, they don’t match but they do.


Be daring.


Eric Cohler  NYC, one of my favourite Interior designers, he creates interior designs that infuse traditonal forms with the unexpected.


 This is one designer not afraid to experiment.



Gorgous colour from Meg Braff, Interior designer based in New York.


This lady like myself loves to work with colour.



A treat of mis matching, colourful red and yellow check on the sofa with green and blue check cushion with zebra print rug. Bet you never thought of that one?

I love this adventorous style from Todd Alexander Romano.


 You might not like the result but you have to give credit were credit is due, life is for adventures, so why no include this in your interiors.

So excited heading to Def Leppard tonite in Dublin, will be singing “Pour Some Sugar On Me” from the top of my lungs, maybe they will see me through the crowds with my bright yellow dress on he, he.

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Green Fingers

Oh yes I have green fingers on today, got my garden gloves on and my shovel all ready to attack my very overgrown garden and of course it starts to rain. After a week of glorious weather, the day I decide to do the gardening it bloody well rains, I have been gearing myself up for days trying to get the time to do it and now I can’t.

I went to Blooms garden show in Phoenix park, Dublin recently and purchased some amazing plants, I have been collecting and growing plants in pots for the last year, I have over forty now ready to be planted.

I took some pictures of the beautiful displays at Blooms flower show.

Picture 145

 A magnificent display of flowers from Mad Flowers based in Dublin they deliver all over Ireland, they do weddings and special occasions.

Picture 139

Imagine the time and effort it has taken to present this display. 

The garden designs varied from modern to good old traditional.

Picture 149

Adding a modern feeling to the outdoors.

Picture 150

No flowers here, very simple shades of green flowing into each other.

Picture 135

The traditional.

Picture 146

More of a dramatic look, smoke coming out of a pond, you can purchase a fog machine for your pond at Maplin.

Picture 133

One of my favourites at the show, the bottle-brush plant.


There was delicious displays of garden vegetables, they looked that good I thought they were plastic.

Picture 142

The vegetables on display were huge in size.

Picture 143

Check out the size of the garlic.

 What not to do when gardening ( he he would love to do it)

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Choosing Paint For Exterior

Its decision time, I have to chose a colour for the exterior of my house, the window sills, frames and the front door. The Thatch cottage itself is over a hundred years old, there are actually no foundations to the house and the exterior walls are so thick and are painted white. I have been looking for colour inspiration and ideas everywhere, I only pick colours that I never tire of. Decisions, decisions.


I adore the beach house in the film Nights in Rodanthe, the film stars Richard Gere and Diane Lane, the film tells the romantic story of the life changing and healing power of love. Its one of those films to watch for a cosy night in with a glass of wine, I have watched it several times now and still love it.


 This is the house before they added the vibrant blue shutters,the house is located in the development of Mirlo Beach in Rodanthe, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Nights In Rodanthe

The house with blue shutters, I love this colour blue.


Before and After.



I also love softer tones of blue, this would be ideal for the old country style windows I have.


I am a big fan of pink, I love the femininity of the colour its sweet and charming.


Beautiful Cherry Blossom tree, the power of pink adds beauty to anything.


Loving this pink shop front.


Gentle Giant Green, I like strong tones of green, richer shades.


I have always admired this green dress, both the colour and the dress.


Rich green shop front.

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Hotel Interiors

God be with the days when our summer holidays consisted of two weeks in Co Wicklow, Ireland, crammed into a mobile home. They were great days the simplicity of life, the innocence’s of it all, boy has it all changed now.

I do love looking a pictures of hotel interiors, they can give you inspiration for you own home, here are a few of my favourites.


The Byblos Art Hotel Billa Amista situated outside Verona in Italy, the restored villa is decorated with a mix of Venetian, Baroque and modern styles. 



Napa Mermaid Hotel in Cyprus, this is a stylish contemporary hotel.


 Cool and crisp.


The main bar area.


The bedroom suites are very fresh and modern.


Hotel Sax, located in the center of old Prague beautiful Colourful vintage retro designs.


The lobby.


The restaurant.


Colourful bedrooms.


Villa San Michele, Florence in Itlay must be one of the most romantic places in the world.  This former monastery, nestled on a hilltop surrounded by trees and terraced gardens, overlooks the city of Florence below.


Beautiful architectural details are breathtaking.


A view to die for, an elegant and romantic setting for the restaurant.


Keeping with the classical style throughout the the hotel.

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