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Bunny Williams

I have seen a lot of Interior Design Books but one in particular is truly unique. Bunny Williams a renowned Interior Designer, her book is about the 20 year affair she’s had with her Connecticut home shared with husband John Roselli, an antiques dealer. Through the past 20 years, they have designed, redesigned, renovated, expanded to the point of having the home of their dreams. It’s an amazing book taking you through each of her rooms along with entertaining and gardening tips, I have read this book several times. Bunny is a true inspiration, I have learnt through reading this book to be patient when renovating my own home and take my time.


Here are a few pictures of Bunny’s Connecticut home.


Bunny, John and her beloved dogs.


Inside the renovated barn, not part of the main house.


Kitchen inside the main house.


Part of the sitting room area.


Bunny’s cosy bedroom.


 The pool house.

I highly recommend this book, it is not your typical interior design book, its a love story between a woman and her home, who is very passionate about the choices she makes.

Check out Bunny Willams website for more of her interior designs.

I purchased all  of Bunny Williams books on Amazon, An Affair With A House, Point Of View, On Garden Style.

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My Garden Bench

Woke up this morning, it wasn’t raining, for a change, just decided to paint the old bench I had purchased a while ago. Check out my post My Treasure it was a sad looking bench, old and worn out and I was going to make it happy again. I drove into town to pick up paint, I hadn’t decided on a colour but knew straight away when I seen a beautiful shade of vibrant blue, that it was perfect. I wanted to give the bench character. I also have the perfect place for it when I get my garden finished, right under the apple tree. Imagine the red apples and the vibrant blue colour of the bench bouncing off each other, reminds me of the bright colours in the film, The Wizard Of Oz, you know, magical colours for outside, bending the rules of nature.


Before, sad old bench.

bench unfinished

After, bringing it back to life.


The big hairy thing on the ground is a new statue I purchased in TKmaxx, nah its my licking friend Molly.


Shannon checking out my creation.


My sister, also an Interior designer, painted her shed a beautiful shade of green to blend in with her garden.



Go on be adventurous, experiment, its only paint, if you don’t like it change it, its like letting your hair down.

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Doing It For The Kids

My niece Ellen is so wise, she is only six and knows exactly what she wants. I see her every day, I have to or else I get a lecture from her. This is a girl who loves her fashion, she changes twice a day to get her outfit right. Ellen notices everything, if I wear a new top she has not problem telling me if she likes it or not. At the moment she wants her bedroom redecorated, this week she wants to paint the room pink, doesn’t every girl? 

 I love doing children’s rooms, besides I am a big kid myself, no seriously, I was a Montessori teacher for five years, to me working with children is all about imagination and so is interior design. Children have a great imagination, they could teach us grow ups a thing or two. So if you are doing up your child’s bedroom, please take time and include their thoughts and their wants, they will surprise you and could be helpful. It is after all their bedroom.

Well at least he is honest.


The Nursery

Childrens bedroom

To me this is the perfect nursery, simple yet calm, the children’s toys and books are used to add colour to this room. The fresh white walls and floors gives this room an airy, cleansing feeling, perfect for any baby, consider the walls a blank canvas that will be added to over the years. This room will grow with the child, you could easily replace the cots with beds and toys for an older child, add a few more colourful accessories, cushions etc. Also think of the money you will be saving.


Another great nursery, the key is to create a room that is functional and fun that can grown and change as your children do.


Here Come The Girls


 Think long term when you are buying beds, gimmicky racing car or princess beds are fun for a year or two but they will be outgrown quickly.


Every girls dream colourful bedroom.


 Loving the pink and orange colour combination in this girls bedroom. Great storage idea, shelving under the windows.


 A good storage system is the key to maintaining a tidy children’s room.


Boys Will Be Boys.


Blue is a favourite when decorating a boys room. Blue is a great colour for bedrooms as it is calm and relaxing colour.


Experiment with different colours not just blues when decorating a boys room. Yellow is great with blue and adds sunshine to the room.


A more modern approach to a boys bedroom, keeping it tidy with plenty of storage.


My Client

I am actually doing up a bedroom at the moment for a young girl. When I met up with my young client she expressed what colours she liked, blues and reds and in her own words, not girlie. She also loves the seaside and stripes and spots, she actually gave me great ideas to work on.

With all my clients, I like to present them with a mood board, pictures of inspiration, I put together myself to show the mood of the room I am trying to create.


Mood board, showing the client the mood I am creating for the room.


Sample board, this sample board shows the client what paint, flooring, materials that will be included in the design of the room.

Its really a great idea as it shows the client the design of the room.




Ideal for children’s bedrooms


Children’s Book stand on wheels  €79.90 from Imaginarium in Dublin. They have a great selection of toys and children’s furniture.


Beautiful single bed from Little Dreamers in Galway, Ireland, and also duvet set in the picture below.



Ikea, is ideal for decorating any child’s bedroom.


Red cot £73.40.


Storage bench £67.40.


Curtains £9.99.


Rug £14.67.


Bed clothes £14.99.


Love heart cushions £3.99.


Material £1.99 a metre, gorgeous for curtains in girls room.


You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.


One things for sure, they will always make you laugh.

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Summer Time

Oh yes the swallows are back, that’s how I know summer is here, all the old outdoor buildings at my house are full of swallows. I get a wake up call every morning a six o clock from my beloved dog Shannon, barking and howling like a lunatic round the yard chasing the swallows. Its a case of ducking and diving when I go to the clothes line. I counted nine swallows in all, nesting in the outhouses, the cheeky devils sometimes come into the house, I have a half door and leave it open every morning. They ain’t friendly, sitting in my courtyard the other day catching a bit of sun, they were swooping down trying to get rid of me. God I hope they took some good weather with them.



Summer, Summer, Summer time.


I have so many lovely childhood memories of summertime, every summer we’d pack our bags and go to my Nana’s house for the summer. My Nana lives in Cooley, near Carlingford, it was a glorious place to be, at the back of my Nana ‘s house we would walk down the fields to the shore and spend hours there. We always had picnics and I remember brown bread with lemon curd. I still keep a jar of it in my cupboard.

ljamie oliver £4.00

Lemon curd from Jamie Olivers online shop.

What would summer be without ice cream.


 This is a must for anyone who likes their ice cream, you have got to try Murphys Ice Cream, award winning ice cream its delicious.

 Sainsburys  have a great magazine will a million easy summer recipes in it, just don’t read it when your hungry, mines all wet from me drooling over it. They also do interiors too.



I love painted outdoor furniture, check out my post on outdoor living.


For me anything with flowers on it reminds me of summer time.

zara home €22.90

Zara home €22.90.


 I Really love this fresh Aqua floral material, Material £22.48 a metre, Cath Kidston.

mug £4.09

 I have a set of these Mugs got them in Dundrum in Cath Kidson’s for £4.09 .


Floral wallpaper is a favourite of mine.

laura ashely

 Beautiful Laura Ashley floral wallpaper £21.54.


I adore Ralph Lauren Wallpapers, I know some of them can be very expensive, but if you are looking for a wallpaper to do just one wall in a room they are definitely worth a look. I have used Ralph Lauren wallpaper on several jobs, their variety is endless and so beautiful.


Ralph Lauren, I have come across a site in America that sell Ralph Lauren wallpaper at half the price and they ship to Ireland Decorators Best (not sure of shipping fees but check out the site).


I think floral interiors are so romantic in summer time.


Floral’s and spots in gorgeous bright colours.


Cath Kidston does it best, material £18.39.




A great idea to brighten up your bedroom for summertime, it won’t cost much, just change your bed clothes to summery colours.


There is nothing like snugging up with a cosy bright duvet, I love, love my bed.


Bed clothes from Laura Ashley from £13.22.




Bed clothes from Ikea £24.47, for double bed, available in all sizes.


Bed clothes Ikea £30 for double size, availble in all sizes.


Add a bit of sunshine to your bed with a sunny yellow headboard.


Or break up yellow by adding white stripes.


Keeping it bright and airy with cool blue, for warm summer nights.


Taking the plunge with aqua.


Embrace bright colours, for the summer it will give you a lift.




Vibrant bright coloured cushions from Garrendenny Lane Interiors
Crettyard, Carlow, Co. Laois.


Rich colours against a white backdrop, the blue on the sofa reminds me of the sea.


Sunny yellow chairs, you won’t hear any complaints from the dog, lazy lump.



A great way to let more light into any room for the summer, take down your heavy curtains and replace them with lighter window treatments for the summer months.


You will create more light flowing through the room.




I actually take down my curtains for the summer, because I live in an old cottage the windows are small. I am lucky no one can see in through my windows, the difference it makes to the interior of the house is amazing.


I love to see large windows with nothing on them, its like a breath of fresh air.

For a funky look this summer why not try these Tshirts from Hairy Baby, based in Co Cork.

€15.00 tshirt

 For the baby, Tshirt €15.00

tshirt €30

 For the man, Tshirt €30

tshirt €25

For the women €25 (that is so true).

Here’s a few summer treats I came across.

Cath Kidston

cath kidson printed stripe cushion £18.39

 striped cushion £18.39

cath kidson£16.35

Runners £16.35.

stripe fabric cath kidson material per metre 18.39

Stripe material  £18.39 a metre.




Table runners £3.99 for those outside evening tea’s.


Striped cushions £9.99.


Colourful rugs £7.99.


M & S


Cushions £25.


Fresh crisp bedclothes.


If your not a fan of the real thing well here’s a very good fake, Orchid £49.50.

Don’t forget to try TKmaxx, they unusually have a great selection for summer time.


Beautiful Lantern from Garrendenny, €35.


Clock also from Garrendenny,€57.


 Love the light, Love the colour, Apple Green Fishing light from Mabel & Violet €69.95


paul smith £90

  I Want this Paul Smith swimsuit, £90.


This blue topaz ring from Tiffany & Co, would go really well with my swimsuit.


Oh and this gorgeous Jimmy Choo bag.


Oh, Oh and these Jimmy Choo Shoes.


Oh sure what the hell and these Harry Winston earrings. I think that’s everything. Oh I nearly forgot.


 Ah Princess.

That’s me off to Bettystown beach for the day, well isn’t that what every ones wearing these days, just look at all the magazines, its my job to keep up with the style, you know. He,he,he.



After a long cold winter, its time to lie back and enjoy the sun, everyone, then again I do live in Ireland and we usually only get a week of it, but no harm in hoping.

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Its All White

 White represents an equal combination of all the colours of the spectrum present in white light. This is probably why white is seen as a well balanced colour, which seeks to be pure and fair. Symbolically, white is often representative of a Saviour, spiritual or otherwise and most hospital doctors and medical staff wear white coats, as a sign of health and hygiene foremost (but also because they have come to save us from sickness).

White is open and light and its nature is pristine and efficient, it shows up any imperfection, it also represents purity and innocence (bit like myself).


It’s not surprising that it is the bridal and baptismal colour in so many cultures.


 Beautiful White pearls, from Applebys in Dublin, Ireland.


Oriental style white umbrella, €18.95 from, Maple & Violet, Ireland.

Nothing is more chic or timeless than white on white in any room.


 I love white furniture on dark wooden floors, its a beautiful contrast. 


White adds a great quality of light to any room, if you have a small room it will make the room seem larger and brighter.

Just a little reality check, White can be a difficult colour to live with too and not just from a practical point of view, well is isn’t a good choice for homes with children, pets or muddy areas.22361_pe107241_s4

 Comfy white three seater sofa Ikea £263.28.


Simply elegant white arm chair €1400 from Irish company Duff Tisdall  located in Dublin.


 A completely white room makes a very dramatic statement in any home.


Classical white rattan bed from Sweetpea & Willow £575.00.


Classic white Cotton knit cushions with crochet edge, €5.90 Zara Home. 


Using white in a room can make it have surprising depth, use several shades of white to bring out the architectural details in a room


Colonial 2 drawer sideboard,£337  from Sweetpea & Willow.


 I do love white painted floor boards, I have them in my sitting room, the more worn they get the more I like them.


 The key to using white successfully, is to add interest in other ways other than colour, like this white painted canvas on a white wall.


 Using white as a background with dark accessories, compliment each other.


The black wire side tables add more interest to this white room.


You can create a dreamy vintage look with just a few pieces of faded white furniture. 

frame-e1299-zaraFrame £12.99, Zara Home


Adding more character to white painted furniture.


White and Shabby chic go hand in hand.


Entering the White Zone.


 Clean white, contemporary.


White ceramic table lamp by Betty Jackson Debenhams,£50.



Classical white chair from Sweetpea & Willow at £181.87



Baskets €16.99 at Zara Home.


Adding texture, not colour to a white theme.


A cosy white sitting room.


Furniture painted white, compliments every detail.

ikea-buffet-with-top-cabinet-292641Ikea £292.64.


“White … is not a mere absence of colour; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite as black…. God paints in many colours; but He never paints so gorgeously as he does in white,”

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