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Happy Spring time

What a season, as I call it the colour season  because there is a lot of doom and gloom lately, why not bring the outdoors into your home by adding spring colours? It will lighten up your mood, I promise.


(Little advice) By choosing colours that harmonise, you can change the whole appearance of a colour in a room. There is no such thing as a bad colour, only bad use of colour. Colour is very important when designing a room, colour is the most flexible weapon in the armoury of design.

Growing up I have always been facinated with the colourful Cyndia Lauper and Betsy Johnson, it was through these women, that my own outlook on colour changed. I wanted  to be Cyndia Lauper and wear her fluffy crazy petticoats, I love her for being herself.




These women remind me that it’s ok to go a little bold once in a while. To pick a bright color. to rock the party dress when everyone else is in jeans. To be true to myself.



Betsey Johnson Store and home




Betsey leads the way to creating your own style.



How it all started. 

Betsey was born in Connecticut and spent her childhood in dance classes. Her aspirations to be a dancer and her love for costumes laid the foundation for Betsey’s creativity and inspiration, which is still evident in her designs today. In 1964, Betsey officially entered the New York fashion scene by winning Mademoiselle magazine’s “Guest Editor Contest.” One year later, she landed the top designer position for Paraphernalia, a clothing boutique that at the time housed the hottest young London designers, including Mary Quant and Paco Rabanne, among others. What would soon become known as Betsey’s trademark look began its formulations here: sexy silhouettes, hippie inspired flowing fabrics, whimsical detailing and, most importantly, a fabulous fit.




A fun dress from her 2008 collection.




 In 1997 this is betsey’s apartment, before she painted the world pink.




 I really loved this vintage floral style.




“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”

by Coco channel




Stairway to heaven, simple to achieve very colourful, Ikea rugs stitched  together to make a stair runner, genius.



In The Pink Of It.




Confession, my favourite colour. I love the soft touches of pink in this white room, this is one of my favouite combination white and pink.

Although the colour, pink has a red base, it has a completely different effect from the colour red and is essentially used as a calming colour. It is used to create a gentle environment and it is probably for this reason that it is associated with women and the softer femine personality (like me, ha). It is a good choice for bedrooms and can be balanced with blues or greens and used in muted tones so that it does not appear too femine.




The elegance of pink.



A bolder shade of pink for those who dare to make a statement. 



thisisglam5 Delicate touches of dreamy pink  thats all it takes to add that bit of colour if you are weary.




The simplicity of just adding a beautiful pink patterned rug warms the room up, throughly scumtious.




 Try these Delicious pink cup cakes from Blossombabies, based in Monkstown,Co Dublin, they are fabulous.



 Perfect colour for a young girls bedroom.



pink_sl08_tradwtwist-viadomino A favourite of mine, to add to the grandure of this stunning room what else a pink chaise-long.




  Mellow Yellow



I find yellow so fresh and bright and it always makes me happy.

Yellow is the colour of sunshine and happiness, it is an excellent colour to lift the spirits.  It brighten ups this small bathroom and create a warm welcoming feeling, again mix it with white to break up the yellow colour. It is a good choice colour for kitchen areas to, as it sets the mood for the day.



What an entrance, what a colour, talk about making you feel welcome.



Oh yes, my happy go luck yellow shoes are just waiting to come out of my spring wardrope, they make you walk with a smile.




So fresh you could squeeze it. 



The Green Scene



Green is the colour of  nature, and represents balance and harmony, green displays friendliness, co-operation and a generous love for all things natural.



 Green can be gentle, in this living room it is used little and softly yet it brings the outside into your home.



Add a bit of greenery to your house to give a relaxing feeling to any room.




Having fun with green.




Who would have thought green bridesmaid dresses, but by god they are fabulous, I see green in a different light.


You could always just get this ring, you know add a bit of green to your world. Oh my god,  isnt it fabulous, kelly green ring by vera wang.





Feeling The Blues

Blue is the voice of calm and reason, blue has exceptional healing powers and its calm restful nature can act as a potent sedative, making it a good colour for anyone with sleeping difficulties. Nowadays I think that includes everybody, especially me, blue is essential in my bedroom, just a simple blue throw  adds calmness to the room. People always associate blue as a cold colour and are afraid to use it in a room, again it is how you use the colour. Take a look at these pictures do they look cold to you?



 A simple throw, to add the calm feeling of blue.






 Add a piece of furniture, cool blue for a similar effect.



 Sheepskin throws on the chairs by Ikea, would you believe.




A very cosey bedroom with a soft blue wallpaper.



 Different shades of blues, adds more character to this wonderful bedroom.




Beautiful idea, the calm colour blue is added to this room with the small sofa.




Love Blue delph.



Oh Orange

If you want to get noticed without screaming, consider the color orange — it demands attention. As a warm color orange is a stimulant — stimulating the emotions and even the appetite.




I really like way the orange pops out against the neutrals in this room, it brings the furniture to life and diffinitly adds an extra warm feeling to the room.  Room designed by Tom Scheerer.




Bet you would never have thought of putting the colour orange on your walls, maybe this will change your mind.




It is such a good colour to add touches of this bright colour to your home.





Orange was also featured in some of my favorite Spring collections – proof that if it’s done well, it’s actually a very wearable color by designer Tommy Hilfiger.






Red Or Alive

Red is the most powerful colour of all, it is a colour that creates excitement and has always been associated with courage and power. Red can make anywhere seem warm and cosy, actually it is ideal for anyone who suffers from the cold. To much red can sometimes be seen as  a bit overpowering and pushy, so use with care.




 Love this red mirror, adds a dramatic effect to the white wall and table.






The soft tones of red used on these floral slip covers, adds a country style feeling of cosiness and comfort.




Red is a great colour to use with modern style, it adds to that cutting edge look. Red looks great against the stark white background.






As I always say.




Whether you want to make a statement or be subtle about it, colour will bring any room to life. Don’t be afraid to experiment and create your own style, be comfortable about your choices.




Use it anywhere, with anything, that is the beauty of colour.







 Don’t be afraid to experiment.




Even if your not a fan of colour, just a little makes a difference.









Bold and Beautiful.





 Create your very own style with plenty of colourl


So get going and colour your world.









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